First LDC/CDCRC Thought Leadership event takes place at University of Oxford today

Today LDC in partnership with its academic partners, the leading universities in the UK involved in retail ‘knowledge’ will gather at Said Business School Oxford. It is kindly sponsored by the Consumer Data Research Centre (ESRC funded) and being hosted by the Oxford Institute of Retail Management.

In addition to the 15 academics (University of Oxford, University of Stirling, Loughborough University, University of Cardiff, University of Liverpool, University College London, UCL Advances, and Henley Business School) we have 20 practitioners including senior representatives from Boots, Sainsburys, EE, Lloyds Bank, Luminar, Mindfolio, Mitchells & Butlers, NewRiver Retail,, Rightmove, Home Retail Group, SEGRO, Legacy Portfolio, Tristan Capital Partners, Bayfield, and The Retail Practice. In addition there will be representatives from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) and Digital Catapult.

The day’s themes are below;

I: Understanding retail places (Reynolds & Sparks)

Jonathan Reynolds (University of Oxford):
The state of GB retail places

Leigh Sparks (University of Stirling):
Understanding retail change in Scotland’s town centres

II: Understanding the customer experience (Lansley & Hart)

Cathy Hart (Loughborough University):
Researching the customer experience of town centres

Guy Lansley (UCL):
Understanding footfall and high street visitor insight

III: Modelling catchments & decision-making (Pavlis & Nanda)

Michail Pavlis (University of Liverpool):
Estimating retail centre catchments

Anupam Nanda (Henley Business School):
Using data to model the decision-making processes of real estate owners, occupiers & consumers

IV: The Future Research Agenda (All)

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