Change is constant at LDC with NEW FEATURES released today on LDC’s online insight platform

As you may or may not know we collect and aggregate a lot of data every day at LDC and the challenge does not lie just in the collection but most importantly the distribution. Making data intelligent, visual, clear, exciting and above all bring it alive is one of my daily challenges and the team at LDC are, genuinely, market leaders in doing this. So here is what we have been up to as our mantra is continual improvement on a 4-6 week basis so that we can leverage the data more and answer the questions that our clients have. It is only form this sound knowledge base that I can speak in great depth on the subject of cities, towns and the role of retail and leisure within them.

A quick summary of the changes to our online insight too include;

  1. Go White! All the screens now have a print friendly white background enabling easy assimilation of dashboard views into presentations and reports.
  2. New Home Screen

Retailer – Competitive Overview

You can now view activity of your competitors over the past 12 months on your Home Screen.

Retailer – Presence by Region

You can now view your presence by region and openings and closures over the past 12 months on your Home Screen.

 Retailer – Presence by Location Type

You can now view your presence by location type (high street, shopping centre, retail park and other) and openings and closures over the past 12 months on your Home Screen.

 Advanced Search

You can now search for any retailer, classification or location in one search box and click through to view it on a map or an overview.

Recently Audited Locations (last 7 or 30 days) – Sort by Units or Vacancy

You can now sort the list of locations by size or vacancy rate.

3. Reports Library. From each screen you can now download (.xls) a number of reports;

Key facts on a town

Vacancy rates and openings & closures

Company/fascia locations

Full address list of a retailer or leisure operator’s locations

 Enterprise Version Reports

This gives users unlimited access to all LDC reports along with prototypes that we are working on.

4. Bespoke boundaries.

If you want to just look at a street or streets or indeed any area then a bespoke boundary can be drawn and immediately all the data and analytics, current and historical, will change accordingly. For those councils who give me a hard time about the CLG retail boundaries then I’m afraid you will have to stop complaining as you can have any boundary you want!

The images here show these changes but I would encourage you to get in touch for a full demonstration of what is possible along with free analysis of a town or company. We also love feedback, positive or negative, as all the changes you see are as a result of feedback from our clients so THANK YOU to any of you who might be reading this!


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